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The Self-Management Community of Practice (CoP) brings together a region-wide network of health care professionals, researchers and community members living and working in South East Ontario. We rely on our Communities of Practice to respond to our confidence surveys, provide input into our annual Self-Management Forum, and generally promote self-management in their community.

You can get involved today with our CoP in a number of ways.

Become a Peer Leader

We welcome both passionate community members and health care providers to attend our Peer Leader Trainings. Leaders are usually those living with a chronic condition or pain themselves, but not always. As a Peer Leader you will be leading one of the Living Well Workshops (Chronic Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Pain). Once you’re a Peer Leader, there may be a chance in the future to be trained as a Master Trainer (those who train Peer Leaders) or other workshops. The Peer Leader training is four days long and free to attend.

Become a Facilitator

We are seeking health care professionals to facilitate Brief Action Planning and Choices and Changes workshops across our region. Facilitators require extensive experience as teachers or clinicians. Professional certification is available through the Institute for Healthcare Communication or the Canadian Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation.  These trainings are four and three days long respectively and are free to attend.

Become a Host Organization

We can help your organization with the provision of Peer Leaders and Facilitators for your next self-management workshops. The ideal workshop size for Living Well workshops is 10 to 15 participants, while a health care provider workshop is 15 to 25 participants and closed to one organization. We will coordinate and promote open workshops with other host organizations if the minimum number of participants is not met. You can notify your interest by filling out the form below. Most workshops and related expenses are covered through our program.

If you have further questions, or would like to be contacted to begin planning your involvement, please contact us now by filling out the form below.

Become a Research Partner

Research Partners are critical to the success of the Living Well program in pursuing its mission to integrate its workshops in primary care. We collaborate with academic institutions, research organizations and other self-management programs in the province to develop resources that enhance health care providers’ learning such as guest lectures, case studies and datasets for analysis. We offer opportunities to graduate or post-graduate students every year pursuing research focused on self-management, with possibility of long-term collaboration.

Become an Advisory Committee Member

Residents of South East Ontario can let their voices be heard and demonstrate continued support for self-management by becoming an Advisory Committee Member. Members will provide guidance to both the Manager and Program Administrator and are instrumental to the success of the annual Self-Management Forum. Members are assigned per priority group (health care providers, students, researchers, community members) and/or geographic location. Invitation to apply for vacant positions will be sent out every March.

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