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The Kids Get Stressed Too (KGST) program is a two-week long online program, which consists of six sessions focusing on evidence-based strategies to reduce stress and increase emotional awareness as well as resiliency within children.

KGST is a unique program with the elements of psycho-education, practice, and peer support. It has already helped many of the participants feel more empowered while dealing with stress as well as other challenging emotions based on the premise that within each and everyone of us is the capacity to shift our thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards more positive outcomes.

Predicted outcome for this initiative

A better understanding and a deeper awareness within the participants about the emotions they feel and how they can manage them in a constructive way.

Measurable indicator(s)

The most effective way to determine whether the program is successful is through parent and participant feedback forms. The participants will be asked if they understand what stress is, whether they feel capable of managing their difficult emotions more so after the program and what strategy they feel is helping them the most in regulating their emotions. Parents can also be asked whether they have noticed a change in their child’s understanding regarding stress, whether they have seen their child implement the learned knowledge outside of the session and whether they feel like the program has better equipped their children to deal with difficult situations over-all. Follow-up emails or phone interviews can also help to see whether the knowledge obtained through the program is lasting or whether the practices initiated during the two-week period fade away after some time.

Primary beneficiaries of this program

Children from ages 6 to 10.

Program objectives and main activities

To teach the participants a different strategy of dealing with overwhelming negative emotions in each session and help them implement the new knowledge into simple practices. Some of the main activities include:

Belly Breathing exercises

  • Imagination and Visualization exercises
  • Mindful Movement – simple Yoga
  • Identifying negative and positive thoughts and learning to change the negative thoughts into positive thoughts (Red Thought/ Green Thought activity)
  • Aerobic Movement – Dance
  • Learning how to share and communicate emotional experiences
  • Identifying our support network
  • Laughter exercises
  • Gratitude Practice – Positivity Jar​

For more information about Kids Get Stressed Too registration, potential funding opportunities or if you would like us to organize workshop series for your early years groups, please contact:

Constantin Mugenga (Self-Management of Southeastern Ontario)

Kids Get Stressed Too Program Lead

Phone: 613.542.2949 x1179
Email: [email protected] or visit our Website:

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